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Topic: Belkin F5D7231-4P - Where to start?

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Hello -

I'm trying to get OpenWRT onto my F5D7231-4P. This device has a 4MB flash (29LV320) and 16MB ram.
I have a serial cable connected, so I can use either CFE or the factory Linux to move stuff around. All I've done with this so far is backup the factory firmware.

I've tried uploading various RC5 images through the factory web interface, but they fail with this message on the serial port:

# Upgradingcheck_magic():1
old magic=2053300
magic: new(47343557), old(2053300)
Wrong vendor: new(47000000), old(2000000)
/tmp/uploadYdM71h: Bad header: magic(47343557),len(0)
Sending SIGTERM to all processes
Sending SIGKILL to all processes

What should I try next? Should I 'force' the firmware in through CFE - and if so, which version do I want?
Can an image be compiled with buildroot-ng that the factory upload interface will accept?

I'm grateful for any comments.


Thanks for the hints.

Just had a go with RC5, and although it booted up fine, there seem to be problems writing to flash - it's throwing up lots of "DQ5 raised while program operation was in progress" errors when I try passwd.

Anyway, I guess I should find out what the error means...


I had a similar problem, and with 2MB of Flash useless as it is, I decided to create an image that boots from USB (use buildroot). Now I have 32MB root and 32MB swap instead of 2MB root.

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Just to say the image found here dated 03/09/2006 seems to work perfectly on this router 'out the box'.

Should I update the wiki to mark this unit as 'working'? While I'm there, the wiki says 2MB but I have 4MB - so there must be different hardware versions of the same model (or the original info on the wiki is just wrong).


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