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Hello All,

I have a couple ISP routers I don't need and they both seem to have some amount of support in OpenWRT.

I don't want any money for these, but would ask whoever is taking them pays postage.

  • BT Smart Hub Type A (version 5 I think, pictures below.)

  • SKY SR102

Both routers have the power cables with them and I guess I could probably scrounge up the *DSL filters and the cables. I won't include any ethernet cables with these.

Local pickups also welcome, I'm in Reading, England.

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BT HUB Pictures dot com/open?id=0B2nfgPy1qxTtNzdUTzhLNWp3Sm1yV0cyU3UzaXVnR2dnWGhJ dot com/open?id=0B2nfgPy1qxTtcldFQ2JHSmdPUktnMTVjcWljNTFsTjZKUW9j

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