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Topic: 32Mb ram ENABLED on XH revision v2

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It doesn't matter, what CFE says, You can have 16Mb RAM only.

Looks like it's so ... but it's strange anyway ... debricked the unit today with a JTAG. Just erased the NVRAM.


My RAM chips read IS42S16800A-7T, instead of IS42S16800-7T, but it appears the A simply denotes a slightly faster revision.

Hi guys

I have a V2 as well but I haven't been able to find out the revision of the board XH or XB, where I can see that???

On the other hand I have checked the memory banks and they are a couple of MIRA p2v64s40dtp:

does it have 32Mb or 16Mbs??? As I understand from one of your posts it is 16 but could you confirm???

Many thanks!!!

I bricked my router trying this.
Now I am trying to debrick the router using hairydairymaid jtag utility.

The first thing i did was take a backup of the NVRAM, CFE, KERNEL and the whole flash.
The question i have is as follows.

Can i edit the NVRAM.bin using a hexeditor change the sdram_init value back to the original and flash it back to the chip?
i.e. I am considering not resetting or erasing the NVRAM to factory defaults, instead edit it just slightly (i.e. just one byte really) and flash it back to the chip.

when i look at the nvram.bin in a hexeditor, i dont see anything out of the ordinary there. (a bunch of nulls and the variable)
Is there somthing in the CFE (like a checksum or crc) which will cause the above attemtp to fail.

Any comments, thoughts or opinion are welcome


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