I'm a noob, forgive me. I write about:


I've done something strange to the router. I had access to Lede/LuCI at

Trying to get that router ready for being used behind the modem, I changed the LAN IP to (or some other number, maybe 0.1, yes I wrote it down, but it's NOT relevant to this post)

Now I cannot ssh back to root@

I cannot access the devices Admin page at, or, etc.

Returning to the OpenWRT Failsafe page I see that there is no IP address given. Only instructions, after one can ssh into the device.

I think the authors have some implied understanding that noobies don't have. I think that page needs to be much plainer in the approach it take to showing the technology.

For example:

Step 1
Unplug the cable from the computer and connect it to the LAN "Ethernet" (often yellow in color) port.

Step 2
Reboot the router.

Step 3
Reboot the computer

Step 4
In a terminal, type:

ssh root@

As you can see this is simpler.

Just my 2 cents.

URL as mess, the this Forum won't allow my first post ever to include a URL.