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The link:

openwrt org doc howto/

vpn  openvpn

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This topic does not exist yet

Every page I find about VPN has a box with this in it:

For an overview over all existing Virtual private network (VPN)-related articles in the OpenWrt wiki, please visit vpn.overview

which link goes to the page that says:

This topic does not exist yet

Full text block reads:

There are many redundant wiki pages relating to configuring OpenVPN on OpenWrt. Some are better than others, and others are an out-of-date muddled mess. For a reasonably complete / up-to-date guide to installing, configuring and troubleshooting OpenVPN clients & servers on OpenWrt (including creating a simple PKI), could I suggest you consider starting with vpn.openvpn instead of this page. It is not that the other pages aren't worth reading; it is just that (IMHO) vpn.openvpn is a better place to start (it has been rewritten from scratch just a few weeks ago). Maybe you could improve it further rather than edit this page?

Is this a OpenWRT/LEDE Project merge problem, or something else?

Where can I find into on current Docs, How-To, Configs, etc for VPN-ing?

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