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Topic: Major WRT3200ACM commit missing from openwrt.git

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Yesterday I flashed a brand new WRT3200ACM with openwrt-mvebu-linksys-wrt3200acm-squashfs-factory.img,
image build from

Release 17.01.4 could NOT be installed ->
" Newer Linksys boards might come with a Winbond W29N02GV which can be
configured in different ways. Make sure we configure it the same way
as the older chips so everything keeps working."
(commit 7ae59a2f288ba1cef23b20e1d36e199e8c646245).

I have everything working (luci, Amazing job!, really impressive!) I am very happy... BUT...
I am now in the middle of nowhere in term in release
(OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r6153-7ae59a2, Kernel 4.9.77) and I can't upgrade/install kmod module
as the current snapshot in kernel is 4.14.29. I am a little bit reluctant to put device in production.

So I played with idea to reinstall everything from current snapshot...
but the 6 week ago Imre Kaloz commit have not been merged within "LEDE Source Repository"

Is there a time frame to merge all(?) staging contributions to main project?
Where I could find release-support policy/procedure description?
It is my understanding 2 teams (openwrt and LEDE) merged together and this policy is not yet well defined,
Am I wrong?

The winbond flash fix has been pushed to master. You can just take what you need for a stable tree if that is what you need, but running on current master is usually stable enough for most people.

Thanks a lot, noticed  Imre Kaloz (and others) commit merged 10 hours ago.

It is not "crystal clear" in my mind how the team is proceeding about versions and updates.

My way would be:
"release" which are never changed once tagged/committed.

"snapshot" which keep the same kernel as current release and include
armless adjustments (as the WRT3200ACM new hardware fix)
and packages bug fix (no need to do a sysupgrade to have firmware last small bug fix)

"devel", keep track of the last current kernel and fully open for experimentation
The way "snapshot" is done (keeping kernel up to date in real time) doesn't
help to keep devices in production mode. Having "okpg install/upgrade usable
within snapshot series does.

My 2 cents.

Tried to compile openwrt.git yesterday (on Centos 6 x64 dev platform) was not successful
(a components with a compilation error), I'll try again tonight with the current git.

Thanks again for the merge.

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