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Topic: Anything similar to gl-inet GL-B1300 but cheaper?

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I need something similar to the GL-B1300 though only need two NICs.
Does anyone know of something that is well supported by openwrt that is less costly?
I need several of them and the price adds up too fast.


What features do you need, you have to give more informations?

Sorry, no special features, just two gigabit NICs like the GL-B3100 and if it has those, it will have plenty of memory and space. I get by with the glinet mt300n with lots of space/memory left and am mainly looking for a dual gigabit mini router to replace it.

I don't think there's anything dual band and GbE for much under $80, and that's the Archer C7 with its single-core MIPS.  For $10 more the GL-B1300 looks like a lot of hardware for the price.

projects wrote:

just two gigabit NICs

I don't find any hint that the gl-inet has two nics.

In fact, I'd like it to not have wireless since I don't use it.
I just realized I also need it in either ar71xx or ramips.

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If you don't need wifi you have opened up the possibility of Broadcom devices with unsupported wifi.

I'm not sure what the application is that requires GbE but also will be happy with a single core MIPS.  Because generally you aren't going to be happy with a single core MIPS in the triple digit Mbps line speeds.

Dual Gig nics are so I can install the router between the lan and router to do packet inspection. Using 100Mbps routers don't work when the speed is higher than 100Mbps.

I think you mean two network ports. Nics are something different.

Two separate network interfaces so I can connect one side to LAN, the other to the router and inspect packets in/out of the network.

That said, I think you're right, some of these mini routers have two network connections which are in fact the same network but two ports.

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