Hi, I'm trying to get avahi-daemon to be run under the supervision of procd for auto respawning purposes. 

I have tried modifying the init file for avahi to include procd support, but it doesn't seem to work and fails without any messages as to why (/etc/init.d/avahi-daemon start returns immediately and process doesn't start).

1. Does anyone have an idea of why avahi is not already configured with procd support?  Curious for my understanding on this one.
2. I tried modifying inittab to start avahi with respawning capability since I can't seem to get procd to work with avahi-daemon.  This works, but when it first starts avahi, avahi crashes multiple times due to the fact that ubus is not already started.  Eventually this works because the respawning occurs until ubus is ready and the avahi eventually stays executing.  What is the right approach in order to accomplish avahi-daemon with respawning capabilities?  Procd or inittab?