I'm using GoldenOrb_ Build 2017-12-15. Their forum is apparently a one for everything thread, and so I did not post there. Maybe I should.

Anyway, the problem is, that I'd like to know if logging into OpenWrt via dropbear does utilize the processor of the router. For the time you wait, it might take something like 50% of it's processing power, right?
I let a server log into the router every 10 seconds to retrieve the external IP and I'm somehow concerned that I could generate hick-ups by this.
Dropbear apparently does or does not make use of the processor in these 3 seconds. It could wait for the reverse DNS, which seems to be compiled into OpenWRT with the DO_HOST_LOOKUP. Or it could sleep. Seems a bit hard to test. If it does wait for DNS or sleep, it should be no problem.

But it could also take 3 seconds to sign a host key or something (the router has a 400 MHz Atheros processor), and it would be no good idea to log in every 10 seconds maybe. I just don't want to make my router get slower than my internet connection. wink

If anyone knows what dropbear does there, that would be good to know.
(Or if you know a method to instantly get the external WAN/modem IP. Just letting the server connect to a "icanhazip" service might stop working.)


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