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Topic: "Cannot access .ssh directory" error when Logging in with SmarTTY

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After finally solving the 'wrong password' issue, I'm now faced with the above error when attempting to log in.

I have the WRT 3200ACM router and the current version of OpenWRT on it.

If I can't log in, how can I configure it to let me log in? Detailed, step by step, as I know nothing about LINUX--I'm a Windows user.

I need to edit the samba password file so that I can log into the attached hard drive on a Windows network, but it seems that I need to use SSH to fix anything related to that with this firmware.

I spent two whole days researching this problem and came up dry.

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Use Putty or WinSCP.


I'm using something called SmarTTY.. it took me a while to figure out that I had to use the IP followed by a colon and then the port number 22 to get this to work. Then I had to figure out the password and now I'm stuck at "Cannot access .ssh directory". Have been researching this for two days but can't find any specific topics online about how to fix this in OpenWRT. So frustrating!

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