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Topic: "option type" in /etc/config/wireless and madwifi

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What should "option type" in /etc/config/wireless be for a madwifi/atheros device?  What about a non-broadcom device?  My guess it that this specifies if wl or iwconfig is used, or something else.  Going through the scripts, I also noticed a script in /lib/something named  Is there a non-broadcom or atheros specific script?

A little background: I installed kamikaze on my wgt634u.  There wasn't wireless support, so I built the madwifi drivers with buildroot-ng and installed them, but this stuff, and /etc/config/wireless were missing.

/etc/config/wireless is not implemented for madwifi yet.

Ah.  As madwifi uses iwconfig, will madwifi, when implemented, also work for other chipsets and drivers that use iwconfig, or are there unique features to madwifi (other than promiscuous mode)?

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It'll be specific to madwifi, because madwifi uses wlanconfig to create multiple virtual interfaces

That's pretty cool.  Do other chipsets support that?  Would a sample config probably (not yet coded, I know) look like this?  (thank you for the response, btw)

config wifi-device ath0
        option type     madwifi
        option channel  5

config wifi-iface
        option device   ath0
        option mode     ap
        option ssid     Foo
        option hidden   0
        option encryption none

config wifi-iface
        option device   ath0
        option mode     ap
        option ssid     FooSecure
        option hidden   0
        option encryption wpa
        option key xxxxxx

config wifi-iface
        option device   ath0
       # bridged client mode options

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I had to play around a little to get madwifi to work.  wlanconfig lets you have multiple APs or clients on a single interface, creating ath0, ath1, etc. for them.  The only not cool thing is that these different interfaces all have to be on the same channel.

Can I do that on a broadcom ? (54gl) ?

Exobyte, if you want to have multiple interfaces why do you specify the same ath0 device for every SSID ?



You actually wouldn't; you're right.  I just didn't do that much research yet.  That file won't work until this stuff is implemented.


i try to make my wlan work.

/etc/config/wireless and madwifi does it now work, is it now implemented?

else where do i put the ssid, encryption etc. in /etc/config/wireless and madwifi i guess?

thx in advance

greetz Martin

Martin, you have to install the hostapd package, if you want access-point functionality with WPA-PSK.

in /etc/init.d/S20madwifi run:
hostapd -B /etc/hostapd.conf

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