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Topic: Help with serial cable

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I am in the process of gathering all the parts required to build a serial cable for my Netgear WGT634U.  I have read the docs and am going down the nokia data cable route.  The question I have is does the cable have to be a nokia>>USB type or can you use the Nokia>>Serial type.

How would I access the router if I were to use the USB cable?  What would the settings be in telnet?

Sorry if this is an FAQ  but Ihave read the docs and seem to be going around in circles looking for the answer, I hope you can help.


Please can somebody help me?  I am dying to give this a go!

I don't know if you can somehow make use of a cell phone->USB cable or not, but the cell phone->serial cable is what you really need.

Thanks for the replies.  I already have an old DLR-3P, would this be suitable?  The unit is sealed so I can't see if there is a max* chip in there or not.  Sorry for asking these questions, I know they are documented but I just want to make sure so that I don't damage my router.  I'll be OK with the linux side of things once I get it up and running.

I haven't personally used that model cable, but since the second link I gave you specifically says, "You can also use Nokia DLR-3P data cable", I'd bet it works. 

Just keep in mind that second post is for the NSLU2, so those pinouts aren't the same for your WRT.  Match up the signaling on the cable from that page with the signaling for your WRT to get it right.  Quoted from the second link I gave you,  "Just cut off connector and wire RED to J2 pin 1 (+3.3V), GREEN to J2 pin 2 (RXD), GRAY to J2 pin 3 (TXD) and BLACK+SHIELD to J2 pin 4 (GND)."


Cable-color | Function | WRT Pins
    RED     |   +3.3V  |      ??
   GREEN    |     RX   |      ??
    GRAY    |     TX   |      ??
  BLK-SHLD  |    GND   |      ??

You can find your WRT pins for these functions in the wiki.  All the information you need is out there, just read it 5 times. :-)

Thanks bluesguy, you are being a massive help.  Just one final question, do i marry up the rx and tx pins i.e green wire(RX) goes to pin RX on my router or does the RX wire go to the TX pin on my router?

rx <-> tx

It doesn't hurt anything if you get it wrong, so try it, and if it doesn't work, swap them.  Just make sure you get power and ground right.

Your a star, cheers mate.  Sorry for sounding like a complete n00b but I didn't wanna blow my router before a I had the chance to try out Nate Trues wireless music player :-)

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