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Topic: Dropbear PublicKey Authentication for multiuser setup

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I have successfully added a new user in /etc/passwd with a group in /etc/group and assigned a password.

I can login with that user with ssh - but only with password.

I have createt, id_dsa and added to authorized_keys in /home/user/.ssh  - and places id_dsa on my client.

- But I am asked for password every time I try to login. If I add the same key to /etc/dropbear/authorized_keys, I can login without password as both user and root.

I am using the system as a sort of rsnapshot based remote backup - so I really need a passwordless solution.


It seems that "$HOME/.ssh/authorized_keys" isn't enabled/compiled? in whiterussian's dropbear (I could not make it work).

My skirting solution for a similar problem (enable WAN access for port forwarding by user only) was to create a second dropbear instance (on a different port) with root and password login disabled (hence limited to the ONLY other user I configured).

I just added the following command to the "/etc/init.d/S*dropbear" script :
/usr/sbin/dropbear -p 2222 -s -w

The access restriction is done by firewalling (port 22 is only accessible from LAN, 2222 from WAN).

The global authorized_keys remains in "/etc/dropbear" ...

Hope this helps.

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I can confirm, that dropbear uses authorized keys for normal users located in ~/.ssh/authorized_keys in WhiteRussian RC6

Yeap, same here, must use ~/.ssh/authorized_keys.


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