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Topic: I need a CFE for a WRTSL54GS, please

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I need to fix my WRTSL54GS.  Can someone point me to the CFE.bin for this router?  Do I need to do anything to put my mac address in it?


I have backed up my CFE.  Looking at it in a hex editor, I can see that bootwait is set to off.  Can I change it to on in the hex editor and write it back?  Is there any kind of checksum that needs to be changed or anything?

Unfortunately at this point I don't think I have a good copy of my CFE.  Which gets me back to asking if anyone has a working CFE for this router?  Please advise!

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Find the skynet kit and download it, it has an interface that you can pick your wrt model and version, pick the one that applies to you and enter the mac address and then save the file, works great for me to get the router pingable once it boots up, hairydairymaid to load/erase files

Unfortunately, none of the models listed is the wrtsl54gs. sad


Here is a working CFE v3.7 for the WRTSL54GS (this message is sent through the router). This is NOT THE ORIGINAL ONE (v3.5), since I broke mine too and could not get a backup from other users. This one also has boot_wait enabled. You can find it there :

Here are roughly the steps I did to get this one :
-Got a v3.7 for GL 1.1 from here
-Changed the router code in it from WRT54GL (W54G) to WRTSL54GS (W54U) so it will accept WRTSL54GS firmwares
-Replaced all the GL default nvram values by the WRTSL ones since I had a backup (using nvserial.exe).

Please note I replaced my MAC address in the binary file by 01:23:45:67:89:AB. Hexedit it and replace it by yours.

You will also find the debrick tool 4.6 compiled for windows there.


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Thanks!  I'll give it a try!  Shouldn't the 4.8 version of the debrick tool work also?

Thanks you rock!  I finally got this thing back running.  One thing that seems strange it that the mac address that was in my cfe doesn't match either mac on the sticker of the device (wan or lan mac).

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