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Successful "Port" of AutoAP to OpenWRT on TP-Link 703N (Atheros) 6
UCI commands; scripting 3
KadNode - A P2P name resolution daemon 13
ARCHER C7 v2 trunk release 3
Custom x86 Image (NO LONGER MAINTAINED) 249
RADIUSdesk and MESHdesk new VM release available 1
Can I script changes to network, wireless and dnsmasq.conf in 1 file? 4
cant open port 1194 for openvpn 3
Torfilter release 1
libsodium package 8
New qos-scripts package (drop in replacement) 6
Fully featured OpenWrt build for the WNDR3700 (NO LONGER MAINTAINED) 671
Banana pi sunxi build issue. 1
iTunes server (forked-daapd) 75
That's incredible: everyone knows about 14.07, but! 4
DslrDashboard server 18
Builds for WNDR3700v1 with Open vSwitch 1
Custom build for WDR4900 1
Possible support for netgear router with r30639 12
Announcing Shairport Sync – Shairport with Audio Synchronisation 1
Filmware New Airgrid m5hp 1
where to get wndr4300 op firmware? 11
convert BB to gargoyle back 5
Gargoyle 1.6.1 baste on openwrt AA- Heartbleed Fix e 1
borgbox-r0gu3 (backfire 10.03.1 RC6 - 0.6.1 - AAP V3 - om1p) 4