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Topic: HEADS UP -- Server upgrade @ 2009-03-29

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Hi all,

As the current OpenWrt box has been serving the project for almost 4 years, it was clear sooner or later it will reach it's limits. Thanks for the spammers mainly from Asia the time has come.

The OpenWrt server will be upgraded (both hardware and software wise) on Sunday. As the the infrastructure will change as well, please bare with us as we iron out the rough edges.



Can we get some specs on this new machine ?  I hope everything goes well.


It will be a HP ProLiant ML350 G5, with dual Intel Xeon E5405 CPUs, 8GB RAM, 2x36G WD Raptor (System, RAID1), 3x1TB Samsung (Data, RAID5), 1x250GB WD RE2 (backup) disks.

It's so damn fast, compared to performances from the months it seems so sweet and fast, did you upgraded the bandwidth as well or it was just a server upgrade ?

Nothing has been upgraded yet, do you come from the future?

Bartman007 wrote:

Nothing has been upgraded yet, do you come from the future?

Umh, seems to be faster. Forum Search function was so slow, it seems to improve as well

Hello all.  Kinda new here, and like the looks of this project.  Willing to help anyway I can.

I do see an infinite Redirect issue with web server.  One good example of this is clicking on the "Supported Devices" link on the first post of  There are a few others, but don't have the links right off that cause them.  Let me know if you need any help tracking these down.


new server test tongue

Is this upgrade still going on or something? I can't seem to get to anything on

Indeed most of the Google links and links on openWrt home page seem broken.

Is there an ETA for the content on the new server?


I have the same issue. I know you are upgrading and most likely are quite busy with it. But is there a chance to know if you have a rough eta on when you should have the download section back up?

Otherwise good luck with the upgrade.

Yeah, I get "403 Forbidden" from the downloads vhost.

It seems that the download section is up and running sufficiently enough for my purposes.

Thank you for your hard work guys, keep it up.

Wiki links are currently not correctly redirected, e.g. … nmentHowTo
The slashes have to be replaced with "(2f)" and ".html" has to be added, then the redirection would work.

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The svn seems still down...

it looks like svn is accessible under some different addres, because trac has access to it.
btw. what about from where packages like eglibc-...HEAD.tar.bz2 should be downloadable now?

ups... that address is working, but there is no file
and some idiot coadmin in my work cutted down access to external svn ports hmm

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hamvil wrote:

The svn seems still down...

Seems the URL has changed:


Also, is missing the snapshots/ directory, thus trunk builds can't use it to install opkg packages at the moment.

and the feed.conf file points to the wrong repositories

hamvil wrote:

and the feed.conf file points to the wrong repositories

For 8.09:

Index: feeds.conf.default
--- feeds.conf.default  (revision 15075)
+++ feeds.conf.default  (working copy)
@@ -1,3 +1,3 @@
-src-svn packages
+src-svn packages svn:// svn://
 src-svn xwrt
 src-svn luci

For us turn-key compilers, Whiterussian 0.9 buildroot seems to be running fine with the step added in (thanks, kupesoft!):

mkdir OpenWrt
cd OpenWrt
svn co svn:// whiterussian
cd whiterussian
svn switch --relocate {https,svn}$(svn info | awk '/URL/ { sub(/https/,"",$2) ; print $2}')
make menuconfig

I don't see any feeds file... if I'm missing something, please let me know. - I mean websvn..

Is down - site reports about bad gateway..

jake1981 wrote: - I mean websvn..

Is down - site reports about bad gateway..