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Topic: TP-Link TL-WR841N V9.x ?

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Today I've bought two tp links wr841n v8.4, openwrt works fine, but I've seen firmware for V9 on tp link website. I don't know, if they are being sold in europe, but it is better to be ready wink

When I compile build, there's no V9 created, so I guess it is not supported. I like these models, but sooner or later I might run into V9. What will I do then? On dd wrt, they are saying it has only 2mb flash, but it is not true, because original and latest firmware wr841nv9_en_3_14_4_up_boot(131129).bin has 4MB. Other specs are unknown to me.

Does anyone has it yet and are there any plans? Thanks.

Thank you. It has 64MB RAM? Nice! I hope it will be supported soon smile

still, 4M flash.. sad

Yeah well, but the ram memory is better tongue

Anyway, looking at the wiki It seems that the  Fast FW300R Version 9.1 mentioned in the thread is actually the WR841ND V9

Also the soldermask of the Fast FW300R Version 9.1 seems like it is designed by tp-link

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yes, fast and mercury are tp-link sub-brands..

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Thanks guys, that 4MB flash I have expected, but 64MB ram is a pleasant surprise, what won't fit could be downloaded later wink This week I ordered another wr841n and came V8.4, so propably the are stocks still full of V8s.

Hi Guys,

I have ordered the routers last week and received v9 s  in Germany from Amazon.

This is bad news. Any ideas how long it will take to support this version?

Best regards.

Let's hope it won't take too long, wr841n have been great and cheap devices, now they seem to be even better, it would be shame to have them not supported. Probably the developers had not the v9 in hands yet, or they have no time, china is flooding us with new models every few months, must be tough to keep up wink

I bought a stock of fifteen routers TP-WR841N from Spain. They all came with version 9.0
I hope the new firmware openwrt v.9 is caming.

hi guys,
any news on this front.

is there a way we can help?
I could donate a v9 device if necessary?


as mentioned in (un)wanted hardware I also be very interested in getting openwrt running on the niners

atm I could not donate a device but I am willing to donate some EUR if anybody is willing to make the work here

Nuno wrote:
nebbia88 wrote:

it should be supported soon...

Hi, how long shoud we expect to have this firmware?

push the code from svn, apply patch "posted" by nebbia88, compile the code and you will have it done tongue

microcris wrote:

push the code from svn, apply patch "posted" by nebbia88, compile the code and you will have it done tongue

Yes ... I only loose $20 smile
I'm going to read some how to's to see if I can get it.

Any advice?

it's not that simple because there are other patches needed to support that SoC.

just wait some days, it does not take too much time usually.

anyway, remember that trunk snapshots are Bleeding Edge, to be considered as Beta, unstable, risky.

so you can brick it any time using trunk even if it's supported, you should be prepared to open it and attach a ttl serial adapter in case something goes wrong.

I prefer to wait.

Nuno wrote:
microcris wrote:

push the code from svn, apply patch "posted" by nebbia88, compile the code and you will have it done tongue

Yes ... I only loose $20 smile
I'm going to read some how to's to see if I can get it.

Any advice?

You don't need to loose anything tongue and by the way, 20$ is a good price to start playing with something that  can be very fun smile
But nebbia88 is right, especially if you never did something like that.

First, check this very carefully ->

get source ->
How to configure and build ->

Yesterday I did more or less what I posted above for the asus WL500GP-V2 and everything worked well smile

Of course you can wait smile


Thanks for you inputs ... I already applied the firmware released today ( thanks @mk13139 ) and it's working great.
The only thing I'm having trouble are related to pptp (or vpn in general, but I'll get there) and wifi speed.

So, I would like to compare the stock firmware with openwrt for wifi 300 but would like to be sure I can safely go back to the original firmware without brick the router.

Reading the wiki "Go back to original firmware" for wr841nd I see "Download a firmware which has does not contain the word boot in it's filename (such as wr741nv1_en_3_9_18_up_boot(100104).bin)".

The problem is that my firmware has "up_boot" in it's name.

Further more, I can see that for other devices such as tl-wr1043nd, we can cut the first bytes to have a fully funcional stock image:

dd if=orig.bin of=tplink.bin skip=257 bs=512

1. Can I safely do the same for wd841n?
2. Should I apply the stock firmware using CLI (mtd) or WebGui (Luci)?
3. If using Luci, can I flash using the default image with "up_boo" in it's name or I must cut the first bytes too?



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never use boot images without cutting them.

you can trim with that dd command, check file size!

use cli to flash

see also warning for wr741 (wiki), it's basically valid for all tp-link models.

Thanks nebbia88.

After flashing with cli, should I flash it again using the tp-link interface and the default firmware?

Read somewhere we should reflash after comming from the first boot with the full image.

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not necessary if everything works ^^

Thanks for the great news. Developers are awesome! When V8s came, I had to use stock firmwares for a few months, now openwrt is prepared before v9 arrive into here, I've called the seller and there are still V8.4s on stock. So now I can have the firmware, but I'm waiting for V9 device roll

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