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Topic: Improve the Wiki Table of Hardware?

The content of this topic has been archived between 12 Sep 2015 and 6 May 2018. Unfortunately there are posts – most likely complete pages – missing.

Moving/renaming pages in the OpenWrt wiki is set to be available for logged in users, but it seems to be deactivated in the wiki template.

Which page do you want to be moved?

the page disappear from wiki completely

thanks for the correct url. it wasn't opening when i first tried it.

@tmomas I need a new brand for he new wikipage about Vodafone Station Revolution, I used ADB since Vodafone was missing. link -> inbox/adb/adb_vodafone_station_revolution
Also If you can remove the "adb_" prefix from the link would be fine.

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Both done.

@LuKePicci: Please reduce the size of the pictures significantly. 1...3MB should be sufficient.

Sorry, just seen your post, I'll do it trying to keep pcb labels readable. Apart from that the page is quite complete now, tell me if anything else need to be altered.

someone can clarify where did xiaomi mini wiki page edit revisions between 13.09.2016. and 10.02.2017. disappeared ?

The discussion might have continued from here.