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AFAIK it is license problem since there is no open source driver for the 5Ghz chipset. But tplink has released GPL source code for this router which should include also the driver for 5Ghz, probably someone has already done it.

Thanks for the clarification @Gurangax.

What do you think about the update process I want to make?
There is something wrong?
Any suggestions?

Best regards.

Just follow steps for mr200 and you will be ok. dont look for other models

Yes, yes, i would follow steps from post #41 by @Heinz.

But i'm not sure if i must first update MR200 to latest version of stock fw, in order to have LTE modem fw up to date.

Cause i have today Orange custom fw, so i don't know which LTE modem fw has.

Any way to know that?


if you want to get latest modem firmware then you need to flash with latest firmware provided by your router provider. openwrt/lede only change the router firmware not touching modem firmware. You may probably have a locked to only one sim provider for orange as stated in previous posts, but they managed to get it unlocked by latest firmware from orange. Just read previous posts on this.
Also note that once you flashed with openwrt/lede firmware, you will no longer be able to flash the modem firmware with original method. Also note that the router and modem are 2 separate devices and have their own firmware.

Yes, i read full post several times, user @Ghosty tried to flash Rumanian orange firmware, posted by @seaman5705, but he stated on SIM LOCKED status, but no more news if he managed to fix it.

My current orange firmware version is

0.9.1 0.0 v004a.0 Build 170721 Rel.54833n

It seems to be 2017 version, i think this is for unlock modem to others ISP providers.

If will try to use SIM card of other provider, to be sure before flashing LEDE firmware.

Maybe get lucky and do not need to update modem.


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Hello, I would like to use the ME909s-120 on a STABLE release, do ou know if it is supported?

sb.davidegironi wrote:

Hello, I would like to use the ME909s-120 on a STABLE release, do ou know if it is supported?

Yup. I am using it
But there are some modifications need to be done. So it's not supported by default settings.

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Thank you, and sorry to bother you... Which modification, like kernel?

sb.davidegironi wrote:

Thank you, and sorry to bother you... Which modification, like kernel?

No. You need to install the driver package for huawei modem so it can use the modem properly.
Have a look at this link … verusb_ncm
If I remembered correctly all needed drivers are covered in that page including how tos.

Heinz wrote:

@WINTERZ You can test this procedure to change imei:
1. Connect to router using serial adapter
2. type command: adb shell
3. type cat /misc/imei to view and make "backup" Your current imei.
4. type echo "newimei" > /misc/imei

help c connect to the router through the adb slot shell, you can link to the instruction or briefly write how to do it
Model    TP-Link Archer MR200
Firmware Version    GoldenOrb_2017-12-15 ( LEDE 17.01.4 r3560-79f57e422d ) / LuCI branch (git-17.290.79498-d3f0685)
#adb shell
no devices

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