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Sell TP-Link WR 1043ND 1
Wanted: Broken WRT54GL 1
Which wlan router for hotspot with 1000+mw is compatible with openwrt? 4
Wanna sell a Foxboard (fox board) Etrax lx832+ 2
RouterStation Pro kits, RS Pro kit, RouterStation boards 1
Gateworks 2348/2/4 and ubnt sr5's/nslu2 2
Belkin, safecom, thomson speedtouch for sale 1
I need a gigabit router which is supported by OpenWrt 1
RB411UAH loaded 1
recomendation for (a)bgn-router 5
FS: WL-500GP V1 w/ Atheros WiFi 1
Sellwireless DSL router (DB120-B1 [bcm96358]) 1
Free for shipping: Bricked Linksys WRT54G ver 2.0 1
Swapping Fonera 2201 for Seagate Dockstar 4
IBM 8364-NUS Network Station - 3 available 5
[ Sale ] Buffalo WHR-HP-G54 by 45eur / units 1
Router with modem that is well supported by Openwrt 5
FS: 3 Mikrotik RB532a boards, 1 RB564 6 port Ethernet Daughterboard 1
New Universal JTAG Adapter from 5
We looking for Programmer who can develop AirOS ( UBIQUITI ) SDK set 1
SELL : WRT54GS + SD Mod 1
suggested hardware For France 2
Linksys WRT600N 1
High Wantet: ASUS RT-N56U 10
ADSL modem with WIFI that supports OpenWrt 2