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TL-WA7210N internal antenna 1
Quantenna radio driver package for Netgear Nighthawk X4 R7500 2
not found for TP W8901N V2 1
ddns-scripts 2.7.6 backported to CC-15.05.1 1
Friendly D-Link DIR-505 v1 OpenWrt/LEDE images 10
OpenWrt - x86_64 EletrikR4iN 12
correct install for D-Link 2741b, HW F1 2
TL-WDR7400 rev.2 1
ddns-scripts: now support and API version 4 11
Feed with Squeezelite (squeezebox emulator) and LuCI app for it 15
TP-Link TL-WR841N(D) Extended Build [v3,v5,v7,v8,v9] 95
USBIP for new systems/kernels 1
MAC Whitelist Admin 1
Time based web access/parental control feature 10
TP-Link TL-WR1043NDv1,v2,v3 latest trunk builds with LuCI & statistics 18
My Raspberry-Pi packages 7
AVM Fritzbox7490 OpenWrt image 2
My Asus dsl N12U C1 it can use openwrt or not ?? 1
Luci interface for fwknopd, a secure port knocking solution 25
PACKAGE: Bonding driver for aggregating two internet links 1
TARGET: Intel Atom C2X58 on Supermicro A1Sri-2X58F with Quick Assist 1
Beta spiped package (encrypted and authenticated network connections) 1
TL-MR11U direct FW web upgrade with MR3040 /Chinse to English/ 33
who can help me build an openwrt image? (Comfast) 1
[TP-Link] Clean builds for WR940N and WR941ND 1