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nGControl -- a new Overview and Control Page for UMTS dongles 1
TP-Link WDR 6500 -- WAN port can't work 2
Performance Oriented OpenWRT Builds 89
Mini 3G/4G router / A5-V11 / MIFI RT5350F "Qualcomm" Factory image 1
Configure a guest WLAN using the Luci web-interface 2
OpenWrt Radius Server - Luci frontend 2
Problem with DAP 2590 1
OpenWRT builds (CC) fully featured for various routers 308
Meraki MR16 BB r41824 12
JamVM 2.0.0 and classpath 0.99 in new packages today 5
multiopenwrt - a web-based view of associated stations across routers 2
Google Authenticator 9
arokh builds for Negear R8000 82
fail2ban alternative, lightweight ssh brute force banning script here 23
openwrt15.05 rt305x[hg255d] +usb-8187l drivers error? 1
244 byte pstree implemented in ash 1
TP-LINK TL-WDR5300 china FW 5
Micro Python (a tiny version of Python 3.4) is now in trunk 13
wassup.lua - WAyereless Site SUrveying Program 21
where package HTOP? 2
Yet another Internet radio 5
Realtek 8196e openwrt compilation 1
WAN with DHCP (dnsmasq) - Leasetime 3
Occured the dependence problem build time. 1
USB over IP (VirtualHere) 5