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Does anyone have one of these in their hands?  Curious where you get it?
Was thinking to get one if they are available and start trying it first in my house.
Is there a good box to mount it in?

I'm considering this too. Seems to be the foundation of wireless powerhouse while
being affordable. Especially because Ubiquiti claims to ship with OpenWRT.
I'm curious if their SR71-12 cards will work because there is no support for
the Atheros AR9220 chips in the ath9k driver yet.

If somebody has some news on either the Ubiquiti Routerstation Pro or the AR9220,
please post some info here. Thanks!

I have these boards. So far, I am able to post new builds to the board but am stuck at getting the gspca driver to work. The latest version on RS uses linux 2.6.28 and the gspca is broken for it. I will test the wifi once past this hump. I am hoping vincentfox can help me in getting the video software to work. I want to use logitech communicate STX with motion software.

I like the RS boards and am going to buy some more if the camera works.


The RS Pro looks very interesting, fast processor, lots of flash and RAM, gig switch, USB and the manufacturer supports and supplies OpenWrt; all at a fantastic price of $89. Definitely looking forward to this board.

vincentfox wrote:

Does anyone have one of these in their hands?  Curious where you get it?
Was thinking to get one if they are available and start trying it first in my house.
Is there a good box to mount it in?

I bought it in India. The dealer is a great guy. Let me know if you need contact details. I mounted the board in a lunch box. Any box from the store should be good enough.

vincentfox wrote:

Does anyone have one of these in their hands?  Curious where you get it?
Was thinking to get one if they are available and start trying it first in my house.
Is there a good box to mount it in?

A quick search didn't show these in stock anywhere, seemed that July was the earliest date I saw for having these in stock.  As for an enclosure, my search came up short there as well, though there were some generic outdoor enclosures mentioned in some forum threads.

This thing does look pretty sweet, lots of power, good price.  May very well be what I upgrade to when it's available...

Good morning folks.  Recently got turned on to the Ubiquiti stuff myself.  Found a supplier in US and Canada for radio cards and main boards.  Here's the URL of the US supplier: … ti&Bc= an the Canadian supplier  I actually purchased the Router Station from the Canadian distributor, but the deal is the same.  As for the radio card I go the Mikrotik R52N : uses the AR9220 chipset which is the core of this thread.  I cannot seem to find driver info for the card asside from the Windows version which accompanies the card.  The Linux version seems a bit hard to locate.  As well, I keep reading that the ath9k drivers are not fully functionnal to support the AR9220 chipset on OpenWRT either.  Hopefully enough people think together to come up with something on this thread.  I am new to Linux and programming within its bounds.  I will continue to experiment with this new gear and post what I can on this thread.

I'm interested in this platform as well, but have a hard time finding information on its performance, besides that it's based on a MIPS 24K design running at 680MHz with an 800MHz overclock option.

To be more specific, I would like to know how much bandwidth can it handle as a VPN end-point, with various options like PPTP/Poptop, StrongSwan (AES 128/256? SHA-1?)...

The Ubiquiti web site still shows $79 as MSRP.

JimWright wrote:

The Ubiquiti web site still shows $79 as MSRP.

Exactly the reason I posted the link.  Since when where things priced over MSRP?
Don't get me wrong, I love the concept, but for $89 or less (and no tax) I could easily get a used P3 or P4 and under-clock it.

When they're in short supply, it's a seller's market.  I was at the local Nissan dealer the other day, they're selling the new GT-R's for about $20k over suggested retail.

But getting back to routers, yes, P3/P4 systems can be had cheaper, but you're also looking at a larger size, and numerous other factors.  If it works for you, that's the important thing. smile

robrob wrote:

...  and the manufacturer supports and supplies OpenWrt....

You might wanna double check that.  I opened a trouble ticket for some issues I'm having with my RS/openWRT getting the 3.6GHz channels to come available (using countrycode=40 for ath_pci module).

here's the response I got on my trouble ticket.

                    Please contact OpenWRT support or write to OpenWRT forums regarding this issue as we are not developing this software and are not able to solve issues regarding it.

which is why I'm here now.....

Just an FYI, I just received an email from Ubiquiti that the RS Pro is now shipping, and they still list the $79 MSRP, YMMV.  Also, this post has info on an enclosure on the way from Netgate.

Since these are shipping with OpenWrt, I have no idea why this hasn't yet made it to the News forum here.  A number of other great routers have been publicized, but this is the first one that's actually within the budget of the average user, you would think that folks here would be making more of a fuss over this product?

I've had one for a few weeks now.

The OpenWRT that shipped on it was SUPER LAME and had no GUI.

For some reason the WAN/LAN ports are switched. When you want to TFTP an image you need to connect to the WAN port @ I filed a ticket and posted a patch to fix the reversal in OpenWRT.

I'm really hoping that 8.09.2 will include a ready made image for the RS/RS Pro, I've heard from others that the version of OpenWRT it ships with is lacking, and unfortunately a restore image isn't even available at Ubiquity's web site.

I'm very close to picking one of these up to do some testing with here.

The base image for UBNT is just that, a base image.  Everything you want to add can be done with opkg unless you are wanting cutting edge.  I typically run trunk so that I can run newer software.  I recommend do this as well.  I have been working with the RS Pro for a couple weeks and its been great.  However I have been running into the same issue with ath9k and the Routerboard R2n AR9223 chipset.  Keeps crashing in the kernel.  Has anyone else had a chance to play with this yet?  Also once the winner of the contest is announced next week hopefully, we will have a much better image to play with.  One of the entries, PyCI looks to be very interesting and will give people what they have been looking for.

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I just ordered a RouterStation Pro. From what I've read here it seems I don't need to do anything special for this board, just pick the AR71xx as the target, is that true?

On a side note regarding 11n support, Mikrotik recently added 11n support in their ROS4Beta and it's been difficult getting good 11n throughput, even with a nice winbox gui for configuration for an AR9223 card. 11n is a whole new ball of wax and might take a while to mature. I'v decided to use the RS  Pro as my primary router and add a commercial 11n access point for wireless.

RouterStation Pro looks very interesting. I would prefer if it had a mini-PCIe slot instead of a 3rd mini-PCI slot however. Mini-PCI cards are more expansive. Does it come with a power supply for those of us who don't have PoE yet? Also, it doesn't come in a box, right?
Is there any other reason for not buying this and an AR5416+5133 802.11a/b/g/n 3x3 MIMO card? This card seems to be the ultimate one since it seems supported by madwifi (probably in ABG mode only) and will work with ath9k once 802.11n things get better. Coupled with a router board with a good CPU, lot of RAM and flash, and a GigE switch, it seems the perfect solution.

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zorxd, the board does not ship with a power supply, this thread from the Ubiquity forums has some info on compatible power supplies (jack specifications), word from Ubiquity is that the supply should be 48v, not a lower voltage, though some have had success with lower voltages.

No enclosure is included, just the bare board.  There are some outdoor enclosures that are fairly generic that will work, no shipping indoor enclosure yet, the closest is the one I mentioned above that is coming soon from Netgate.

Did you have a specific model card in mind based on that chipset?  I was originally looking at Ubiqity's SR71-A card, but I'm not sure how well that's supported just yet.

Thanks. I just wanted to have an idea of the total cost. I guess I will have to plan a 48V (so high? Doesn't that electronic run on 5V or less?) PSU.
I found some cheap 5416+5133 mini-PCI cards on ebay. I am not sure who produces them and how that company call them.
The SR71-A is based on the more recent (better I guess) AR9160 chip. It has PCI ID 168C:0027 according to and is currently supported by ath9k. However, I don't think it's supported by madwifi. It seems much more expansive however (135$US on ebay). Maybe it's a more powerfull card for outdoor long range use?

48 volts helps push the power longer distances over POE. They'r not much more expensive than lower voltage POE power supplies. I ordered my RS Pro with a $22 48v POE (power supply and injector) from microcom technologies (via yahoo shopping--they were in stock).

So does the routerstation pro supply power to other POE devices or can only use power from ethernet?
If I don't want to use POE at all, can I use a 12V PSU?

It seems some have not been able to power their RS Pro using the DC in plug on the board with anything less than 48v. The easy thing to do is get the 48v POE.

The Ubiquity specs now say the RS Pro needs 40-56 volts, so there you go.

You can plug a 48 volt power supply directly into the RS Pro's power jack. The pin size is 2.1mm, the barrel is 5.5mm, positive  pin, outside is ground (inside diameter 2.1mm, outside 5.5mm)

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