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dependencies 'kernel (=2.6.17-brcm-1)' 4
gcc -pthreads (mips architecture) 1
Regular build of kamikaze 1
jffs2 not ready yet; using ramdisk 4
ksoftirqd eats up all the CPU 4
freecom FSG, endianness problem? 25
installed a broken image 2
Managed to get Kamikazee on the DG834G - nvram and NAS0 help? 11
wifi config on kamikaze? again? 3
kmod-ieee80211 @ kamikaze 2.6 6
Kamikaze 2.6 on WRT54GL v1.1 4
kamikaze 2.6 on BCM4710 router 17
How can I change the kernel IRQ routing? 9
"option type" in /etc/config/wireless and madwifi 10
kernel module dependencies 1
Support for GO7007 chipset (Plextor ConvertX) on Asus WL-500gP 3
Network configuration 5
Linksys WRT54GR 3
Kamikaze 2.6 Asus wl-500g Premium usb uhci problems 25
wgt634u after flash openwrt-wgt634u-2.4-squashfs.bin kernel panic 2
Debugging the kernel MTD subsystem 2
Problems flashing release 4751 on wgt634 9
usb storage error 7
can't get eth0 working on WGT634U, Kamikaze r4471 12
Package names containing illegal characters 5