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what is the cheapest hardware that runs OpenWRT? 10
IXP42x device with Wifi and switch 5
Where to buy openwrt supported Router in Germany 4
wrt54g 3
What Router to buy? 2
recommendation for a router supported by 2.6 kernel in Kamikaze 1
looking for ANY box with Atheros Wifi running/able to run OpenWRT 13
Anyone want a Netgear WGR614 ? 2
Korean WRT54GS (WRT54GS-KR) 1
Looking for an ADSL/WIFI/switch router openwrt ready or near 3
Wanted JTAG cable 2
Any UK dev interested in a Belkin F5D7632-4 5
OpenWRT Fonera <-> exchange for asterisk 1.4 13
FS: Asus WL-500g 3
FS: Linksys WRT54GL v1.1 2
Netgear WNR834B Free + Shipping :P 3
Any one interested in G4 Access Cube??? 5
Another edimax router (with LCD display) and RS232->TTL level shifter. 2
Looking for Asus WL-500gP 1
who can sell me a Ubiquity Nanostation2 to India? 4
Board with USB and 2 Ethernet 3
I need a DSL modem router 19
Best value hardware that supports openwrt and mini PCI cards 11
Donation: US Robotics USR6000 Cable Modem for BCM33xx hackers 3
donation: atheros ar7130 & ar5416 wlan router 10